Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Masala Dosa , the brunch on demand

In addition to chole and bhature, puri and curry ; Masala Dosa and Sambar serve as the most attractive and tasty brunch in India.
Though originally a South Indian dish, now masala dosa is found all most all over India.
With Dosa, sambar, the spicy lentil soup is really good combination and can also be served as a good casual dinner.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Photos: top to bottom-
malai kofta curry,masala vindi,aloo dum,potato and cauliflower curry ,mix vegetable curry

In India many people being vegetarian we have varieties of vegetarian dishes in our course.
We can get different types of vegetables depending on season and weather.
Some of the most common are masala vindi (okra masala) and potato and cauliflower curry which is made in most households all most through out the year.Though these are very common curries ,taste real good . In masala okra , the green vegetable in reddish spicy sauce look very attractive . And we put little bit green peas in the potato-cauliflower curry to get a colorful curry.
I think the simplest one among all vegetable curry is aloo-dum, i.e. dry potato curry which goes very nicely with chapati or paratha (Indian bread).
Amongst all I love the mix vegetable curry which is the most beautuful one having all types of seasonal vegetable in it in a creamy curry sauce.
The malai kofta curry is something we can't avoid when we are thinking of one vegetarian party.
The home made cottage cheese balls are really yummy when they are in a creamy white soft gravy. This is rich in taste and look also.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My chicken lollipops

They look like lollipops and taste like chicken.
They have the capacity to steal all attraction.
Your guests will be talking about them and you.
They will be discussing how you made this. You may have got some magic in your hand. Who wants to miss this ?
Just chicken wings we see in supermarkets can be given such a shape and look and in return they can keep our mind and mouth engaged for such a long time, no one can imagine this until unless one tries herself.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My chicken curries

Among all chicken curries the murg butter masala or butter chicken is the most respected one. In every good restaurant we will surely find the name in the menu.
Though makkhani murg and murg butter masala have the same meaning literally, but their method of preparation is quite different. In my recipe they both are quite gorgeous and tasty dishes but very much different from each other in their look and taste.
In addition to these chicken dishes, which I prefer to make for a party are hariyali chicken (chicken curry with a green sauce of coriander) or the famous south Indian Cheddinad chicken curry.
But the most common, most easy and most tasty among all is the chicken curry made in East Indian style.
(from top to bottom chicken curry, hariyali chicken, chicken cheddinad, makkhani murg and chicken butter masala made by leepa)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

lentil curries

Lentils or pulses are very important part of diet in India. Since a major part of Indian population is vegetarian and pulses are rich in protein , it is always present in a meal in different forms.
In India, the word Dal is commonly used for lentils. We take it with rice or with chapatti.
The chickpea is one of the very famous and common lentils in India. The curry made with it is called choley . when we think of choley , a name automatically comes to our mind is Bhature. They both make a nice brunch set.
Among different lentil curries, Dal makkhani is the richest and goes nicely with rice or chapatti. It is a curry made with mixture of 4 types of lentils.Red lentil curries are also very commonly used in India, as they are a good source of protein and vitamins. For making the lentil curries more tasty we can add minced chicken or egg to it .
(from top to bottom red lentil curry with shredded chicken , dal makkhani, choley and bhature made by leepa)

rice dishes

Rice is a major food in India. Though we eat plain rice everyday, in Indian cuisine many varieties of rice are available.
If you want to make vegetarian rice dish, mix vegetable pulao or pulao with dry fruits are really perfect for a weekend lunch or dinner.
But if you are cooking for a get-together or small family party, prawn pualo is the best rice dish in my view. In one hand it is gorgeous and in the other not so difficult to make. The most gorgeous rice dish for your special guest can only be chicken dum biriyani. Though it needs more care than any other dishes, it is the best one to impress your guest. With the chicken dum biriyani a simple raita is a perfect combination .

( from top to bottom raita , chicken dum biriyani, prawn pulao and dry fruit pulao made by leepa)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

evening snacks

(from up to down photo of vegetable pakoda, mango lassi , samosa and cornbhel made by leepa)
If it is an evening tea party, then the name of samosa comes very first among all. Vegetable pakodas and corn bhel are some of very easy and tasty snacks which go very well with hot masala chai of India.